Who is eligible?

You must be a current Rutgers School of Business–Camden student majoring in accounting with 90 or more credit hours or alumni of the Rutgers School of Business–Camden. This includes current Online MAcc students and Online MAcc or Professional MAC alumni.

When will the program be held?

Four modules (BEC, FAR, REG, and AUD) will be offered during the academic year, between September and May.

Two modules are offered in the fall semester and two modules are offered in the spring semester.

Each module is held on six (6) Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Students may apply to take one or all four modules.

Where will the program be held?

Rutgers-Camden Campus or Virtually – check the module schedule.

How much does the CPA Review program cost?

There is no instructional fee for the modules in the program. However, each module has an online textbook from Gleim; the estimated cost is $115.00. Textbook costs are the responsibility of the student.

How is the CPA Review program different from a CPA Review prep course taught by a for-profit company?

The RSBC CPA prep class is meant to provide knowledge of the module topic and also a moderate amount of test strategy. It is a less intensive version of traditional CPA review courses, such as Becker CPA Exam Prep or Roger CPA Review. The RSBC program uses GLEIM texts and test banks to supplement preparation for the exam.

Can I miss a class?

Attendance is not mandatory; however, to get the most out of the modules, regular attendance is encouraged.

Can I get Rutgers academic credit for the CPA Review program?

No, the CPA Review Program is a non-credit program. Academic credit is not awarded and it will not appear on a transcript.

How do I register?
How do I look up a forgotten Netid or active expired password and Rutgers Email?


Contact Helene Carlucci at (856) 225-6234
or ragone.center@camden.rutgers.edu